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Our Story

DongGuan City Eco Apparel Co., Ltd. is located in HuMen Town,GuangDong Province.DongGuan is famous as “Factory of the World”,and HuMen is also known as the “Fashion Capital” in China.HuMen is a production base of apparel in China,a trading centre of apparel.Its produce supporting chain is complete.It’s also the geometric centre of the GuangDong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area,a superior location.

For more than ten years,Eco Apparel company has been engaged in related products of apparel accessories,such as Garment Webbing Straps,Head Bands,Promotion Lanyards,Suspenders Braces,Fashion Belts,Shoelaces.Besides,there are daily use products for Outdoor Sport,Travelling using,such like Bandanas,Eyeglasses Lanyards,Bottle Holder Lanyards,Wrist Bands,Arm Bags,Luggage Straps etc.Pet Products like Collars,Leashes and Harness are also our main products.

With the development,it’s becoming more and more important for the Green Environmental Protection,Eco-Friendly and Sustainability to the world.Eco Apparel company devotes itself to the sustainable development of the textile apparel industry,especially,we focus on the Recycled raw material of apparel.It’s our initial intent.The promotional gifts Sublimation PET Lanyard which main product we recommend is made from the plastic PET bottles.We crush the disused PET bottle,draw the yarn,weave webbing,then sublimation heat transfer print the nice Logo image,finish assembling as the Lanyard.This kind of Recycled PET Heat Transfer Sublimation print product clarifies the Eco-friendly sustainability of textile well.

The recycling and reuse of textile raw materials and the use of advanced science and technology research and development of new materials to help the garment industry's environmental protection and sustainable development of the apparel industry is the lifelong mission of Eco Apparel Co., Ltd.,thanks to science and technology to make the apparel industry green environmental and sustainable development is our beautiful vision.




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